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Let me hear you roar! - YOC, National Geographic & Mindshare release the cats of prey


National Geographic

Media agency



The aim of the YOC Live Poll Ad is to involve the user directly in the campaign in a creative way. The user is addressed directly to interact with the advertising medium, which ensures great attention and a high level of user commitment. Brands also get a direct channel for personalizing their advertising messages.

In the campaign for National Geographic, this means using a thinking task to persuade users to participate in the live voting. In the first part of the ad, a voting banner, the user answers the knowledge question with the help of the so-called “Branded Sliders”. In the second part, the result of the live voting, the number of participants and the correct answer with reference to the corresponding TV programme are displayed. The date of the show could then be stored in the user’s smartphone calendar.

“We are very happy that we found an innovative partner in National Geographic for our new YOC Live Poll Ad. The ad gives brands the opportunity to communicate directly with their target group,” explains Jan Gräwen, Managing Director of YOC Mobile Advertising GmbH.