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Excel your KPIs with highly-visible and relevant advertising at scale: YOC’s unique marketplace comprises best products in a programmatic context and direct access to fully transparent, verified inventory.

How you will benefit

Taking advertisement to the next-level requires market know-how, strong products, reliable technology and established partners. Make use of our technology to leverage a sustainable branding effect.

Engaging Products

YOC's products engage your audiences encouraging them to discover your brand and interact with it, creating a long-lasting impact.

Programmatic or Insertion Order

Whatever your processes or business requirements are – we will deliver across all platforms and sales channels giving you the flexibility you need to execute effectively.

High-quality Media

Benefit from our excellent partners and high-quality inventory: The world's most renowned publishers have integrated YOC's products and are accessible in our marketplace, ready to transact billions of guaranteed brand-safe impressions.

International Reach

With hundreds of verified publishing partners and thousands of sites and apps connected to our platform you gain access to relevant audiences at scale.

Viewability guaranteed

Only pay for what gets seen by your audience and be able to optimize your budget more efficiently. YOC's marketplace transacts at scale and delivers 100% viewable impressions.

Audience Targeting

You are in control. Target your audiences flexibly and precisely in accordance with your message and KPIs. Make use of advanced targeting technologies and your own data to get in front of the right people.

YOC's thrilling products

YOC's proprietary products deliver highly effective advertising, combining cutting-edge technology with best practice in usability. We enable exciting and engaging advertising for users and advertisers.


We engage to provide the most viewable products in the market. We offer pricing models based purely on viewability such as CPCV or Viewable CPM (vCPM) – transparently measured according to market standards.

Native and Non-Intrusive

Our non-intrusive formats are built to gain positive attention and are aligned with the Coalition for Better Ads. Integrated natively into premium editorial content, we create a truly sustainable branding effect.

Cross-Device and Cross-Platform

Execute your cross-device strategy instantly. Our products are built with a mobile-first approach and can easily be added to your integrated media plan for TV or Online. A truly digital advertising experience.

Boost the power of your message.

YOC's solutions are designed to fine tune your brand message.

Creative Creation

Need support in building an ad that is perfectly aligned with our products and your needs?
Our creative minds at YOC are happy to help.

We can support you with the conception and optimization of your ad as well as advising how to create a real impact with your advertising. Starting with the right choice of products and functionalities, to enrichment of data such as weather reports or sport results – we know how to create awareness.

Tailored Audience

We know people. Let us introduce you to your tailored audience.
Precise audience groups can be set up based on your specific needs thanks to our connectivity to most big data exchange platforms.

Hyperlocal Targeting

Let your audience receive your message in the right place at the right time.
By using different options of geo-targeting such as pinpoint GPS data, we can help you reach relevant target groups in the immediate environs of your point of sale.

Performance Marketing

Make use of our effective performance marketing solutions to promote your app! Our platform provides integrated real-time fraud detection, click spam prevention and automatically optimizes to reach your goals and KPIs. We transact on CPI or custom CPA, such as in-app purchases, searches or subscriptions. Whether you are looking to boost your app store ranking, acquire new customers or reactivate existing clients, we will make your campaign a success.

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