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YOC Inline
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The most exciting and effective way to share your story to the world. Using the YOC Inline Video Ad your message can be shared across display and video placements. The video only starts playing when the ad is at least 50% in view, guaranteeing your audience’s attention. YOC’s proprietary video technology (IVA) transcodes any video asset to auto-play across all devices.


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Unlimited premium video inventory.
The YOC Inline Video Ad is an innovative outstream video product. It allows you to spread your video message with no placement limitations. Natively integrated within the publisher’s editorial content, it does not need to be played instream as opposed to a pre-roll video ad. The video only starts playing once in view.

The YOC Inline Video Ad is an eye-catching, unobtrusive, natively integrated ad format.
It allows the user to decide when to start watching the video. The video only starts playing once the ad is 50% in view. This is user-friendly advertising.

Viewability guaranteed. With viewable CPM pricing models, you only pay for viewable impressions that meet iab and MRC measurement guidelines.

Display: Minimum 50% in view for at least one second.
Video: Minimum 50% in view for at least two seconds.

Surprise your audience with an all-around view. The YOC Inline Video Ad with 360 View is a full 360° immersive experience allowing the user to discover the ad while navigating through a unique broad space. An exclusive and memorable experience for the user and a high impact product for your brand. Available across any smartphone.

Cross-screen ready. The YOC Inline Video Ad is a digital multi-platform solution, allowing a single creative to be executed across all screens. It works on smartphones, tablets and desktops. Your TV advert can also be adapted to ensure a consistent experience across multiple media platforms.

Subtitles. Alongside with the industry’s best practices, we introduced the subtitle feature for the YOC Inline Video Ad. This feature allows you to deliver your brand message without sound. The attention-grabbing product feature is displayed in high-quality ensuring clear and engaging messages to all users.

Brand signature. Adding a logo is a great way to mark your ad. This allows viewers to connect to your brand throughout the whole video resulting in higher brand awareness.



YOC Inline Video Ad
Brand: Ben & Jerry
Country: Germany


YOC Inline Video Ad
Brand: Rimmel
Country: Poland


YOC Inline Video Ad
Brand: Airbnb
Country: Germany

360 View

YOC Inline Video Ad
Brand: Samsung
Country: Austria


YOC Inline Video Ad
Brand: pio
Country: Austria

Cross Device

YOC Inline Video Ad
Brand: Media Markt
Country: Austria