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YOC Mystery Scroller®

YOC Reactive-Scroll technology makes it possible for users to interact with your advertising message.
Rich media ad content dynamically changes when the users scrolls up or down the screen. The act of scrolling itself initiates animations, personalized effects and video transitions within the ad unit. YOC Mystery Scroller® is supported by all mobile browsers and takes up just 30% of a mobile device’s screen. The advert remains on screen without interfering with the user’s journey.

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Reactive Scrolling

The opportunity for creative application is limitless. Users can move animations, causing them to change position, color, or size by scrolling up or down. This functionality playfully engages the user, who essentially becomes the controller of their own personalized ad experience. Thereby significantly improving brand recall and purchase intent.

The YOC Mystery Scroller® offers unlimited possibilities in regards of its changeability.
The build-up of tension can be caused by the unusual unfolding of the format. By scrolling the user playfully changes the advertising content and thus enables a direct interaction between customer and brand.
In addition, the YOC Mystery Scroller® can achieve new dimensions of flexibility by displaying the advertising content semi-transparent.
The user's attention span is maximized by the exceptional way the ad is presented without disturbing the reading flow.
The non-intrusive YOC Mystery Scroller® counteracts banner blindness by offering an unforgettable advertising effect.

Video can be integrated within the YOC Mystery Scroller® ad experience.
The act of user scrolling initiates the video to begin playing.
YOC proprietary technology smoothly delivers video ads and gives a delightful user journey through the ad experience. The positioning of the YOC Mystery Scroller® grabs the user`s attention and increases overall viewability and engagement rate.

Adaptability at the highest level - the YOC Mystery Scroller® guarantees a high-quality ad delivery in the optimal size. The advertising format impresses with an automatic width adjustment independent of the user`s device.

YOC Mystery Scroller® offers 100% viewability without taking up the entire screen.
Our proprietary technology guarantees that the advert never exceeds 30% of the viewport. This ensures that the YOC Mystery Scroller® is Coalition for better ads compliant, whilst offering the user a high-impact, rich media immersive experience.



YOC Mystery Scroller®
Brand: Telekom
Country: Germany


YOC Mystery Scroller®
Brand: Abarth
Country: Austria


YOC Mystery Scroller®
Brand: Sky
Country: Germany


YOC Mystery Scroller®
Brand: Nestlé
Country: Austria


YOC Mystery Scroller®
Brand: Samsung Watch
Country: Austria