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YOC Understitial Ad®

Take center stage using the YOC Understitial Ad®.
A user initiated format, allowing the individual to reveal the ad by scrolling up or down. The non-intrusive full screen ad format is delivered without interrupting the user’s reading flow. It creates noticeably higher engagement rates using HTML5, 16:9 or vertical video, guaranteeing an enjoyable user experience.
Unlock the best branding effect.

non intrusive advertising with YOC Understitial Video Engaging ad with YOC Understitial Ad YOC Understitial AD vertical video YOC Understitial Ad measuring viewability by iab standards Desktop or mobile both is possible with YOC Understitial Ad YOC Understitial leaflet feature providesd the best features to put all you different products in focus

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The YOC Understitial Ad® is a native and responsive format that is embedded underneath the content of the page. It allows the user to gain a flowing introduction to an ad by a simple swipe on the screen.
The best option for delivering a high-impact, full screen brand message without the disruptive nature known from interstitial ads. Available on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Secure high engagement rates, this product creates a full screen ad experience. As the user scrolls down the page the ad unfolds itself, revealing the full story. The YOC Understitial Ad® is perfect for formats such as embedded games or interactive ads. It engages the audience and sends the advertising message across in an innovative way.

Embed a video that compliments the user’s experience, and at the same time deliver an impactful and measurable advertising solution. A vertical video will reach users in just the right way and how they are used to consume their favorite media without the urge to rotate the screen.

Viewability guaranteed. With viewable CPM pricing models, you only pay for viewable impressions that meet iab and MRC measurement guidelines.

Display: Minimum 50% in view for at least one second.

Video: Minimum 50% in view for at least two seconds.

Stand out with your cross-device marketing strategy. The YOC Understitial Ad® is just as eye-catching on desktop as it is on mobile, ensuring a consistent brand-experience across multiple devices.
Placed in high-quality environments, the naturally flowing ad creative, alongside the site content allows for a strong impact for all branding campaigns no matter the screen size.

Add multiple messages in a single campaign. The YOC Understitial® Leaflet Ad allows you to exhibit all aspects of your product. The user interacts with the ad, swiping through the assortment of images.
Perfect for product catalogues.



YOC Understitial Ad®
Brand: Chloe
Country: Poland

Vertical Video

YOC Understitial Ad®
Brand: Samsung
Country: Austria


YOC Understitial Ad®
Brand: Cliquot
Country: Germany


YOC Understitial Ad®
Brand: iTunes
Country: UK


YOC Understitial Ad®
Brand: H&M
Country: Germany

Cross Device

YOC Understitial Ad®
Brand: Sky
Country: Germany