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Study: Image of Online Media and Marketers (Austria)

Every year MOMENTUM Vienna and the market research institute MindTake Research evaluate the image of Austrian online marketing companies. For the third time in a row, YOC was able to take first place and placed itself again ahead of SevenOne Interactive, willhaben and

YOC achieved the highest score in 5 of 14 parameters: flexibility, consulting expertise, speed, individual advertising spaces and creative advertising formats.

About the study

The objective of the study “The Image of Online Media and Marketers”, carried out by MindTake Research on behalf of MOMENTUM Vienna, was to assess the image of online marketers in Austria. Media agency representatives and direct customers were asked to evaluate their satisfaction in a wide range of dimensions. MindTake Research used an online questionnaire to survey the attitudes of the respondents towards in the following parameters: service quality, relevance, implementation quality and price/performance ratio.