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Solventis confirms buy recommendation for YOC share / Research Update

Berlin, May 09, 2018. YOC looks back on a successful fiscal year 2017. Revenues increased by 20 % to 14.4 million (2016: € 12.0 million). Operatively the turnaround was successful. The EBITDA adjusted for provisions from the Stock option program (€ 0.4 million) increased significantly to € 0.3 million (2016: 1.3 million). With a strategic focus on programmatic advertising (automated trading via interacting trading systems in real time), YOC as an ad tech company made the right decision: The launch of its own technology platform VIS.X is likely to give additional tailwind. We expect a continuation of successful company development and confirm our buy recommendation for the YOC share with a target price of €10. Download the full report below (German only).