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Trend report

YOC publishes trend report with mobile advertising insights from 2016

  • Advertisers prefer non-intrusive advertising formats for mobile advertising
  • More detailed metrics facilitate increased investment in mobile video ad formats
  • Programmatic trade of YOC ad formats established successfully

Berlin, 08 December 2016 – YOC in its trend report gives insights into the mobile advertising branch’s trends in 2016. The report is based on an internal analysis in the countries of the YOC branch offices in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Spain and Poland.

The YOC trend report confirms a shift towards non-intrusive ad formats – away from ad formats that compromise the user experience. This is why YOC Understitial Ad as well as the extended version with integrated video take first place in a ranking of the most successful mobile advertising formats. The eye-catching YOC Understitial Ad through its user-centric characteristics regularly achieves click-through rates of up to five per cent.

Mobile video is gaining more and more popularity in the market, which reflects also on the campaigns carried out by YOC: YOC inline video ad, developed in-house, came second in the ranking. “Video formats will see the largest demand in the coming year. In particular, as VPAID (Video Player Ad Interface Definition) opens up even more possibilities for our advertisers to creatively implement and individually quantify with metrics”, Evgenij Tovba, YOC Director of Technology, comments. These possibilities especially benefit those advertisers who rely on moving images and have so far invested large budgets in TV advertising. In contrast to TV advertising, it is possible to measure precisely if and how an advertising message enters the user’s attention on mobile devices. Unilever recognised the benefits of YOC Inline Video Ad which is compatible with VAST. The pioneer was the first client to make use of the format in campaigns for its brands Knorr, Magnum and Rexona in Austria.

Placed third in the ranking is YOC Mystery Ad which was awarded the first Cannes Mobile Lions Gold Award. This HTML5 format offers advertisers an open, creative design and countless attractive possibilities of interaction for and with the user. This is why the product is still among the top sellers four years after being launched.

The analysis of YOC activities also confirms general developments in the mobile programmatic segment. By providing its mobile formats programmatically, YOC is among the trendsetters of the branch. The YOC Understitial series and YOC Inline Video Ad face a climbing demand also in this channel. The share of mobile programmatic will see accelerated growth in 2017, according to YOC’s forecast. The British subsidiary in financial year 2016 temporarily already earned over 50 % of its sales revenue in this business segment. In the other locations, the company also recognises increasing demand for the YOC formats in the programmatic context.

Another trend according to YOC’s survey is cross-channel advertising. Efficiently linking mobile with other advertising spaces, in particular TV and desktop advertising, will play an ever-increasing role in the market, YOC reckons. Just recently YOC, together with BMW and in cooperation with Shazam, launched the first visual recognition campaign in Austria, which interactively connects out-of-home advertising with mobile advertising.

About YOC 

Since its foundation in 2000, YOC has been a pioneer and market leader for mobile advertising, and is currently the leading independent provider of mobile advertising solutions within Europe. Thanks to its ground-breaking technologies such as Programmatic Media Trading and Programmatic Data Targeting, YOC enables advertisers to access specific target groups and make efficient use of their advertising budgets. YOC provides its own SDK infrastructure, a publisher frontend and innovative advertising formats for optimised marketing of mobile advertising inventory. Top international advertisers such as Microsoft, Google, Mercedes-Benz, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Dior and Samsung work with YOC to implement several thousand campaigns across Europe every month. YOC has an impressive, high-quality mobile premium inventory comprising a portfolio of over 300 international publishers, with extensive coverage and guaranteed brand safety – both for branding and for performance goals. Through its platforms, YOC reaches around 40 million Internet users per month in Europe. In 2012, YOC received the Mobile Gold Award from Cannes Lions for the YOC Mystery Ad format. YOC has been listed in the Prime Standard on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2009, and today it employs 70 people at offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf, London, Madrid, Warsaw and Vienna.

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