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Announcements from 12.02.2020

1. Details of Issuer
Greifswalder Str. 212
10405 Berlin

2. Reason for notification 
Acquisition/disposal of shares with voting rights
Other reason: Voluntary stock notification

3. Details of person subject to the notification obligation
Peter Zühlsdorff,
Date of birth: 21 Dec 1940

5. Date on which threshold was crossed or reached 
31 Jan 2020

6. Total positions

% of voting rights attached to shares
(total of 7.a.)
% of voting rights through instruments
(total of 7.b.1.+ 7.b.2.)
Total of both in %
(7.a. + 7.b.)
Total number of voting rights of issuer
Resulting Situation9.361678 %0 %9.361678 %3.292.978
Previous notification9.9 %n/a %n/a %/

7. Notified details of the resulting situation 
a. Voting rights attached to shares (Sec.s 33, 34 WpHG)
ISIN DE0005932735

direct (§ 33 WpHG) (absolut): 308278
indirect (§ 34 WpHG) (absolut):  0
Total: 308278

direct (§ 33 WpHG) (in %): 9.361678 %
indirect (§ 34 WpHG) (in %): 0 %
Total: 9.361678 %

8. Information in relation to the person subject to the notification obligation
Person subject to the notification obligation is not controlled nor does it control any other undertaking(s) that directly or indirectly hold(s) an interest in the (underlying) issuer (1.).

10. Other explanatory remarks:
Acquisition of 308,278 shares previously attributed via DIH Finanz und Consult GmbH and DIH Deutsche Industrie-Holding GmbH and sale of all shares held in DIH Deutsche Industrie-Holding GmbH