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YOC’s technology platform VIS.X® reaches the next milestone with the development of its own Ad Server

Berlin, 03 August 2021 – The ad tech company YOC AG (ISIN DE0005932735) has taken another important step towards becoming a full-stack platform by adding an ad server to its proprietary VIS.X® platform. As of this financial year, YOC AG is thus in a position to handle all services in its portfolio for customers and partners using its own technology.

Since the extension through the Ad Server, VIS.X® also covers the order-based (insertion order) sales channel within the platform, in addition to the programmatic and thus fully automated one.

“The fact that order-based campaigns can now also access the platform’s inventory is the next step in the further development of our technology stack. As a result, the platform generates more demand for publishers, which significantly increases the number of bidders within auctions. As a consequence, the density and amount of bids increases, resulting in better prices for our publishers. We are proud to support our partners in achieving strong and sustainable monetization,” explains Evgenij Tovba, CTO of YOC AG.

Dirk-Hilmar Kraus, CEO of YOC AG: “The development of the VIS.X® Ad Server opens up budget sources for YOC that were previously untapped. The Ad Server has already delivered campaigns for more than 1.4 million euros in the current financial year 2021. This leads to a further scaling of platform revenues and brings us significantly closer to our goal of generating 100% of revenues via VIS.X®.”



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