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YOC AG: Nielsen study proves significantly higher advertising impact of YOC advertising formats

    Berlin, 28 October 2020YOC AG, the developer of software for the digital advertising market, conducted an advertising effectiveness study in cooperation with the global measurement and data analytics company Nielsen. The aim of the study was to analyse the relationship between the choice of advertising format and the impact on various brand awareness metrics. Using a Forced Exposure methodology, the study compared a variety of YOC’s proprietary high-impact advertising formats with standard advertising formats in a real test environment involving 3,000 international participants.

    The results of the study show that YOC’s self-developed high-impact formats have a significant positive influence on the effectiveness of advertising. Advertising key metrics, such as the advertising and brand recall, advertising attractiveness, brand perception and purchase intention are significantly increased compared to conventional advertising formats.

    Stella Freymuth, Business Consultant Media Analytics at Nielsen: “The essential task of ad impact research is to test different advertising formats and their effect on the end consumer. The significant differences between advertising formats, such as high-impact advertising vs. standard advertising, confirm that a careful selection of the ad formats is important and influences the success of brands and advertisers. YOC’s high-impact formats can help to better achieve campaign objectives and place products in the minds of consumers.”

    Dirk Kraus, CEO of YOC AG: “The clear and remarkable results of the study underline that our innovative and attention-grabbing advertising formats help advertisers to achieve their campaign goals and at the same time have a positive impact on the user experience. All relevant key advertising metrics are significantly increased by our YOC High-Impact formats.”



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