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YOC AG integrates Oracle Contextual Intelligence into supply-side platform VIS.X for future-proof targeting

  • The company establishes a powerful solution for high-quality contextual targeting
  • Integration extends the existing targeting and brand safety capabilities of VIS.X

Berlin, October 27, 2021 – Ad tech company YOC AG (ISIN DE0005932735) integrates Oracle Contextual Intelligence into its supply-side platform VIS.X. Through the integration, YOC extends the existing targeting and brand safety capabilities of VIS.X, and thereby provides customers with future-proof and secure contextual targeting. With this integration, the company is responding in particular to the increasing importance of contemporary contextual targeting in view of the initiated end of third-party cookies.

In contrast to a contextual approach, which only displays advertising that matches a specific topic, VIS.X now provides a comprehensive semantic approach with Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence, which analyzes web pages in their entirety and also recognizes contextual meaning. This not only increases brand safety, but also the reach and efficiency of advertising placements.

“With Oracle, we are integrating the market’s leading contextual intelligence solution to help our advertisers maximize their presence in the categories most relevant to them and increase their brand safety and campaign performance. Continuously investing in the development of our platform VIS.X is a top priority for us. This further strengthens our positioning as a market-leading technology provider,” says Dirk Kraus, CEO of YOC AG.