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Preliminary figures 2020: YOC AG achieves net profit for the year – VIS.X® trading platform as driver of corporate performance

  • Sales revenue 2020: EUR 15.5 million (2019: EUR 14.9 million)
  • EBITDA 2020: EUR 1.8 million (2019: EUR 0.8 million)
  • Net income 2020: EUR 0.3 million (2019: EUR -0.5 million)
  • Doubling of trading volume of the VIS.X® platform compared to the previous year

Berlin, February 15, 2021 – In the financial year 2020, YOC AG (ISIN DE0005932735) increased its sales at group level to an expected EUR 15.5 million according to preliminary IFRS figures (2019: EUR 14.9 million).

The economic impact of the Corona pandemic caused a 6% decline in sales in the first half of 2020 (Q1/2020: +18%; Q2/2020: -24%) compared to the same period of the previous year. In the second half of 2020, sales increased by 10% (Q3/2020: +2%, Q4/2020: +16%) despite the renewed lock-down. With a doubling of trading volume, the company’s own proprietary technology platform VIS.X® in particular contributed to this development.

The operating result (EBITDA)* in financial year 2020 improved by 125% and is expected to amount to EUR 1.8 million (2019: EUR 0.8 million). The requirements of IFRS 5 applicable to YOC AG (disclosure of discontinued operations) require an adjustment of EBITDA in the amount of EUR 0.3 million, which is included in the disclosure of EUR 1.8 million.

YOC Group’s net income in financial year 2020 increased by EUR 0.8 million to an expected EUR 0.3 million (2019: EUR -0.5 million).

Sebastian Bauermann, Director Finance of YOC AG: “We expect that in the current financial year 2021 the trading volume of our technology platform VIS.X®, which was already the driver of our company’s development in the past financial year, will increase significantly. In parallel, there should be a further increase in the company’s profitability.”

All published figures are preliminary and unaudited. YOC AG will publish the final financial figures for the financial year 2020 on April 28, 2021 as scheduled.

* EBITDA corresponds to the definition in YOC AG’s report on the first half of 2020 (available at


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