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Nielsen Study demonstrates: YOC High-Impact formats lead to greater efficiency in the spending of advertising budgets

Berlin, 22 November 2022 – The adtech company YOC AG (ISIN DE0005932735), has published another advertising effectiveness study together with the internationally renowned market research company Nielsen. The study analyses the influence of contact frequency with an ad format on brand awareness. As in the first joint study with Nielsen, standard formats were again compared with various YOC high-impact formats in a real test environment.

The results of the study demonstrate that standard formats require at least two times as many contacts to achieve the same ad recall as YOC’s proprietary high-impact formats. In addition, unaided brand recall is 273% higher with high-impact formats than with standard advertising media, despite half the number of contacts. This fact illustrates that brands and their advertising activities are remembered by consumers through the strong influence of high-impact formats.

“Media planners as well as advertisers can apply these findings and address their target group in high reach using high-impact formats while guaranteeing consistent campaign effectiveness even with lower advertising exposure compared to standard ads”, explains Stella Freymuth, Business Consultant Media Analytics at Nielsen.

Dirk Kraus, CEO der YOC AG: “We are pleased about the clear results of the study, which prove that advertisers achieve an effective, but above all also efficient use of budgets in campaign planning using our advertising products. It is beneficial for advertisers to provide a higher budget share for high-impact formats in campaign planning, or to adjust the budget allocation for standard and high-impact formats.”

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