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Maximum creativity with programmatic scaling – YOC releases product extensions with YOC Ads Plus

Berlin, August 7, 2019 – Mobile-first Ad Technology company YOC is expanding it’s existing products line with YOC Ads Plus to keep pursuing its mission of offering a better advertising experience for everyone. Every YOC Ads Plus format promises better awareness, a unique user experience and the highest quality. The exclusivity of the formats is just as significant as the individual support by YOC’s creative team and the superior performance. Currently, the product extension includes three different product variations, which can be individually adapted to the customer’s wishes:

The YOC Live Poll Ad engages users in real time by asking their preferences and displaying the results of a live voting to the users afterwards. The direct involvement with the advertiser’s brand or products results in very intensive and direct communication with the target group.

By using the YOC Flip Ad, the displayed advertising creative changes according to the scrolling behaviour of the users, so that several pictures, videos and animations become visible.

Through voice-based interaction, the YOC Voice Ad adds a new communication channel to the company’s product range and immerses the user directly in the advertised product world.

Like all YOC products, the YOC Ads Plus product extensions can be traded directly or programmatically via the proprietary platform VIS.X. This allows advertisers to freely determine the trading channel for the high-impact formats.

In the second quarter, various international media agencies and advertising customers – including Nespresso, Milka, Unilever and National Geographic – purchased different versions of the YOC Ads Plus programmatically via the company’s SSP VIS.X. resulting in much higher interaction and visibility rates than achieved before.

“We are pleased to be able to offer the digital media trading market a high-quality expansion of our product range. YOC Ads Plus highly effective advertising formats will set a new benchmark for automated digital trading and drive the growth of our platform VIS.X,” says Dirk Kraus, CEO of YOC.

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