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Growth of proprietary trading platform VIS.X underpins the market positioning of YOC

Berlin, August 15, 2019 – With the market launch of the platform VIS.X 18 months ago, YOC established a new programmatic trading platform for international, digital advertising inventory of premium publishers. The traded advertising volume has increased significantly since VIS.X was launched. More and more international advertisers are purchasing the self-developed, highly effective YOC advertising formats via the technology platform VIS.X. In this way YOC achieves a sustainable competitive advantage in the digital advertising industry. The trading platform VIS.X offers the opportunity to increase brand awareness for advertisers- and achieve better monetization for publishers without disturbing the users of the internet.

Dirk Kraus, CEO: “It is very pleasing to see that more and more publishers are connecting to the platform VIS.X in order to benefit from the increasing demand of our advertising customers for YOC advertising formats. In July 2019, we registered the highest level of available advertising inventory. VIS.X is becoming the driver of our corporate development”.

In the past 6 months, advertising customers such as L’Oréal, Mastercard, Hyundai, Heineken, Samsung, Nespresso, Vodafone and Mondelez have purchased the YOC advertising formats via VIS.X for the first time- and were won as sustainable customers. The YOC Group is currently focusing on expanding direct integration with globally relevant advertising purchasing platforms and accelerating the integration of international premium publishers in order to become more attractive for advertisers.

“VIS.X automatically converts regular advertising creatives, which are directly transmitted by the advertisers’ purchasing platforms in real time into the highly effective YOC advertising formats. The combination of our automated standardization and customized ads solves one of the biggest challenges in the programmatic trading of digital advertising inventory,” said Evgenij Tovba, CTO of YOC.

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