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New Research Study: From Awareness To Action: Does High-Impact Advertising Provoke User Engagement?

Berlin, 08. May 2023 – Nielsen and YOC have now successfully collaborated for the third time and conducted another exciting research study.

After the first study proved the effectiveness and the second study the efficiency of high-impact advertising formats, the third study is dedicated to the topic of user engagement. But why?

User engagement is an important metric that is increasingly becoming the focus of digital marketing. Choosing the right ad format and engaging design is critical to creating a positive user experience as it increases user engagement, referrals, and purchase intent.

In detail, this study analyses the following three questions:

  • How much do users interact with high-impact ads compared to standard banners?
  • What effect does user engagement have on the perception of advertising media and the brands and products advertised?
  • Does user engagement in the context of high-impact advertising lead to an increase in the key figures in the lower funnel?

In summary, this study proves that high-impact advertising formats encourage users to interact with the advertised product and the brand behind it more strongly than standard banners and can therefore effectively increase branding indicators along the entire marketing funnel.

Are you curious? Then you can find the complete study with many more insights here.

About YOC

YOC is a technology company that develops software for the digital advertising market. With the help of our programmatic commerce platform VIS.X®, we enable an optimal advertising experience for advertisers, publishers, and users of the mobile internet and mobile apps. Advertisers get the opportunity to increase their brand awareness in combination with premium advertising inventory by using VIS.X® and YOC’s high-impact advertising formats. Renowned premium publishers offer global media reach and benefit from the high monetization of our VIS.X® platform. As a pioneer of mobile advertising, the company has been on the market since 2001 and has been listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2009.


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