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VIS.X connecting premium publishers and top advertisers on a highest level

This is VIS.X®

VIS.X® is a new and unique kind of advertising technology that enables efficient execution of media and high-impact ad products at scale. VIS.X® wraps the inventory in a holistic auction offering all available products in one transaction to buyers, consequently optimizing the bidstream. YOC has developed this platform to unlock the real value of digital advertising – making VIS.X® the go-to-platform for high-impact programmatic advertising.

VIS.X® at a glance

Integrated with hundreds of renowned publishers, YOC‘s inspiring ad formats significantly uplift engagement, viewability and CTRs, taking your brand’s awareness and communication to the next level. Our market-leading products are created with passion and developed in-house by our tech-geniuses.

High-impact formats

Transactions can be executed with YOC’s proprietary high-impact ad formats without further adjustments on the buyer’s DSP – the creative technology layer inside VIS.X® transforms regular creative assets into high-impact, rich media ads in real-time at transaction level.

Brand-safe inventory

Hundreds of world renowned publishers are already integrated and connected with VIS.X®, offering 100% brand-safe, premium inventory to buyers at scale.

Brandsafety by verified premium publisher inventory
VIS.X holistic approach to connect monetization stack durectly or via header bidding

Holistic Approach

VIS.X® enables publishers to connect their monetization stack directly or via header bidding. The inventory is made available to all buyers at the same time and optimized for the best possible effective sell-through, thanks to a holistic auction approach.

Priority Access

Buyers get priority access to our premium inventory and high-impact formats through Private Auctions or Preferred Deals. Depending on the buyers’ data, campaign goals and preferred processes, we will match the right auction mechanics for efficient media buying.

VIS.X priority access through private auctions or preferred deals

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Executing media on VIS.X® is 100% brand-safe and will deliver uplift.

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