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YOC Mystery Ad®

The YOC Mystery Ad® received several recognized industry awards including iab webAD and Golden Cannes Mobile Lion award. This innovative product allows users to interact directly with the campaign, creating a memorable and personalised brand experience. Add layers of interaction and transform your creative idea to an engaging advertising solution. The possibilities are endless.

YOC Mystery Ad engaging users for better brand awareness YOC Mystery Ad with its panorama feature YOC Mystery Ad chatbot function Native and non-intrusive delivery for Interstitials YOC Mystery Ad gyroscope sensor

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The YOC Mystery Ad® is a unique advertising product that stands out from the clutter of familiar ads. The format takes advantage of smartphone functionalities by using the camera and various sensors. The utilisation of these components alongside HTML5 allows you to implement any creative idea. YOC Mystery Ad® is a spectacular antidote against banner blindness.
Create a striking product experience and engage your audience to interact with your brand.

The YOC Mystery Panorama Ad allows the user to navigate through a panoramic image by rotating and tilting the device back and forth. The format creates an immersive product experience, giving the user the impression of being in the middle of your brand’s virtual world.

Find out what your audience needs.
We make it easy to integrate a chatbot for lead generation. Help create a personal connection between your brand and your consumer. Curate customised responses in real time and serve a personalised message to lead to higher engagement and conversions.

The YOC Mystery Ad® can be embedded modestly within a site’s or mobile app’s editorial content. With its unusual format it drives user curiosity, increasing interaction and engagement, enabling the brand message to be executed in a thrilling way.

Successful storytelling at its best:
With its intelligent connection to the smartphone’s sensor, the user can interact with the YOC Mystery Ad® via the camera or with simple movements, such as shaking, tilting, wiping and swiping the device.
Easily immerse your audience into a smooth, app-like experience that will not require them to leave the publisher’s content.
Add a tangible dimension to your advertising message. Using haptic feedback, such as vibration, enables the device to react to the user’s interaction with an ad.

Through the semi- transparent view of the advertising content the user experiences an unique unfolding of the format.
The users attention is immediately drawn by the combination of imagery, animation, semi-transparency, giving the user the feeling they are actually part of the brands virtual world.



YOC Mystery Ad®
Brand: Milka
Country: Germany


YOC Mystery Ad®
Brand: BMW
Country: Austria

Sensor - Vibration

YOC Mystery Ad®
Brand: Allianz
Country: Austria

Sensor - Gyroscope

YOC Mystery Ad®
Brand: VW
Country: Germany


YOC Mystery Ad®
Brand: Ferrero
Country: Germany

Creative Flexibility

YOC Mystery Ad®
Brand: Gösser Brauerei
Country: Austria