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YOC Technology Lab

Our mission is creating a better advertising experience for everyone. Therefore we focus on crafting a smart and reliable ad tech infrastructure and products that minimise friction between publishers, advertisers and users.
Our toolkit contains well-proven technologies and frameworks that enable close collaboration across all teams within our company – in all of our offices. We strive for inspiration and want to get things done.


The YOC Hub is the central operational unit within our company. It connects, organises and streamlines the business critical processes in one application.


Data is the basis of our business. We have implemented a complex ETL process to assess different data sources and merge them into a meaningful stream of information for both our teams and our publisher clients.

Ad Formats

At the core of our products are our advertising formats. They are in control of rendering high-impact ad creatives at scale and on any platform thus creating a better advertising experience.

SDK Development

The VIS.X SDK for Android and iOS connects the VIS.X SSP and our properitary Ad Formats with our publisher's in-app inventories. It's purpose is to bridge technical barriers between mobile web and native app environments.


We want to build systems with scalabilty in mind, so we have decided to organise our infrastructure in a service-oriented architecture. This renders the systems scalable and independent.

This is VIS.X®

Our platform was invented to solve a complex problem: create a layer of customisation in a highly automated ecosystem where machines trade with machines using an auction-like system in real-time. VIS.X® produces millions of bid offers each minute creating a truly unique and valuable advertising inventory to buyers across the globe.

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