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By integrating our products and trading your ad inventory on YOC’s Marketplace you will create a richer user experience and tap into a new revenue stream. Exploit your maximum potential with YOC’s supreme ad products and extensive premium demand through programmatic and managed channels.

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How you will benefit

Monetize your inventory in just few steps. Benefit from header bidding and access to premium brands

Easy handling

Sell your media to qualified buyers in just a few steps – uncomplicated, fast and transparent. With header bidding in place, connecting to VIS.X® is made easy and effective.

Drive your revenues and discover your untapped potential supreme ad products and extensive premium demand through programmatic and managed channels.

High revenues

With the combination of our thrilling products and sophisticated trading algorithms we drive the best possible CPM rates for you.

Adtech sophisticated algorithms optimize sell-through rates and eCPMs

Automatic optimization

VIS.X® employs a holistic auction approach and makes use of machine-learning algorithms to optimize your sell-through rates and eCPMs.

YOC's user-friednly non intrusive ad formats improve the user experience.

Brilliant UX

Integrate and certify with our innovative ad formats to improve the user experience (UX) and sell-through without compromising on user retention.

1 tag, 100+ creatives, 100% hassle-free

Smooth integration

One Tag. Hundreds of creatives. 100% hassle-free. Gain extensive support for the integration of YOC’s technology from our mobile advertising experts and tech-geniuses.

Keep track of all trading activities in real time. Mange, evaluate and optimize by using YOC's business intelligence tool.

Precise measuring

Keep track of all media trading activities and all sales channels in real time. Manage, evaluate and optimize for more efficiency by using our business intelligence tools.

Real-time brand safety

Protect your audience 24/7 from malicious, bad ads in a fully automated way. VIS.X integrates with industry-leading identification, scanning and real-time blocking systems guaranteeing safe and high-quality ads.

Sustainable In-App Monetization

With the VIS.X SDK, the high-impact formats known from the mobile web are now also available for in-app advertising. The unique Universal Ad Unit combines all ad formats in one ad unit, maximizing fill rates and optimizing CPMs.

YOC’s thrilling Products

Best user experience

YOC’s product suite has been created with the best possible user experience in mind. Integrated natively into a site’s content, our ad formats consistently outperform standard eCPM rates by several multiples.

High-value inventory

Integrate our outstream products and create video inventory within your editorial content. Improve your supply and your monetization.

Improved results

Create real value from traditional advertising spots and engage users – advertisers will love it! Discover untapped potential in your traffic with us and gain incremental revenues.

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