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YOC & Shazam New Brand Day

With over 500 million downloads and more than 100 million active users per month SHAZAM is the global market leader and one of the most popular apps in the world. Since 2015, YOC is a strong technological partner on the side of SHAZAM. YOC provides SHAZAM with the most advanced tools on the market to help advertisers to monetize their advertising campaigns. Back to the 2015, the deciding factors to start a collaboration with YOC were its flexibility in developing dedicated formats for the SHAZAM app, the integration of YOC technology and YOC’s European marketing expertise.

Under the collaboration arrangements, the advertising platform YOC is developing a variety of specific formats for SHAZAM, multiple screens, with different possibilities of segmentation and offering relevant experiences for consumers.

“We are delighted to have SHAZAM on board as a strong partner and publisher in Spain. The impressive reach as well as additional targeting potential allows us to significantly expand our marketing position in Spain”, comments Ignacio Azcoitia, Managing Director Spain at YOC.

Josh Partridge, Director, EMEA/LATAM & Canada at SHAZAM, adds: “We are delighted that, in YOC, we have found a technologically strong partner, operating on an international basis, to help us market our mobile app in Spain and Austria”. Partridge also added; “with the aim of strengthening our position in the European market we have incorporated Roberto Campo as company representative for Spain and Portugal”.

In 2017 Shazam announced the newest high-impact ad product SHAZAMBrand Takeover. The SHAZAM Brand Takeover leverages native-app functionality and enables brands to literally “take over” the app’s entire screen in individual markets for a full day, reaching SHAZAM’s hundreds of millions of global users.

“The Brand Takeover is another prime example of SHAZAM continuing to innovate in the ad-tech space, which is an extension of the SHAZAM products that have become globally ubiquitous,” said SHAZAM CRO Greg Glenday. “Brands are now able to seamlessly strike a balance between user experience and advertising, and the results have been amazing. Some advertisers have told us the Takeover is among the highest performing units across their entire digital media plans!”

MCDonalds and Shazam

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McDonald’s Austria, OMD and YOC have jointly implemented the first Austrian takeover campaign within the SHAZAM App. In the first week of July, the game “myMcDonald’s Schirmespannen” was advertised by a takeover branding solution of the SHAZAM App.

Shazam YOC Publisher for stunning advertising campaigns with MCDonalds

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