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YOC improves monetising of AMP websites

YOC improves monetising of AMP websites

  • YOC Inline Video Ad increases eCPM on AMP websites
  • Ad format compatible with DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)
  • „Non-intrusive“ a guiding principle for AMP websites

Berlin, 07 March 2017 – With YOC Inline Video Ad, YOC improves the monetising of AMP websites. The key functions of the mobile video advertising format are, aside from common mobile websites, now also available for AMP websites. This includes the versatile VAST ad tag (VAST=Video Ad Serving Template) and comprehensive measuring of digital video formats. They are complemented by an integrated start/stop automatism for a precise measurement of visibility. Peter Jacob, YOC Head of Publisher Management, points out: “The innovative functions of YOC Inline Video Ad guarantee a high eCPM on AMP websites. Our partners who use this product can thus not just employ simple banners, but also high-quality video campaigns on their AMP websites via YOC.”

Another advantage of the product is the immediate and full compatibility with DoubleClick for Publishers by Google. Every publisher who links his AMP website with DFP can immediately apply YOC Inline Video Ad, as no registration or certification is necessary.

With its AMP-compatible product, the specialist in mobile advertising supports an open source project initiated by Google, which allows for mobile pages to be displayed up to four times faster. YOC hereby follows its conviction to offer its partners the best possible monetising for all their mobile web pages. “We are planning to optimise further ad formats for AMP websites. Also, we are expanding our product strategy for mobile video advertising formats,” says Jan Gräwen, YOC Country Manager Germany.

He strongly believes that „non-intrusive” is the key word which publishers should keep in mind also when marketing AMP websites. These websites prioritise the user and user friendliness. 53 per cent of mobile surfers leave a website when it needs more than three seconds to load. According to branch studies, fast-loading AMP websites create a positive user experience and are thus preferred. Especially publishers from the news branch profit from this, as YOC can confirm from own experience.