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YOC AG: VIS.X direct integration with global demand side platform Adform

Berlin, November 11, 2021 – Adtech company YOC (ISIN DE0005932735) and leading global demand-side platform (buying platform) Adform are expanding their existing partnership. Through the direct integration with Adform, the inventory of VIS.X, YOC’s proprietary technology platform, is from now on available to a larger number of buyers in the open market as well as in private deals. After YOC has successfully implemented direct integrations with Xandr, The Trade Desk, Magnite and others, another strategic milestone for the expansion of the company’s supply-side platform VIS.X now follows through the direct integration with Adform.


The closer cooperation between the two companies enables advertisers to gain full access to YOC’s high-impact advertising formats. These can be bought programmatically with a high degree of transparency. The direct integration of the Adform demand-side platform with VIS.X results in an increase in the utilization of advertising inventory for publishers and an increase in sales rates.

As a consequence, the trading volume within the VIS.X platform increases and YOC’s revenue potential is enhanced.

“Adform is one of the leading and most advanced buying platforms for the largest advertisers worldwide. Thanks to the direct integration into the VIS.X platform, all Adform customers and partners will now access the full effectiveness of our high-impact formats and benefit from our inventory,” said Evgenij Tovba, CTO of YOC.

“We are very pleased to have successfully completed the direct integration with YOC. This integration gives our customers access to powerful and impactful ad formats that help them maximize advertising effectiveness,” commented Gustav Mellentin, Adform EVP and Co-founder.

YOC plans to further expand its set of DSP direct integrations in VIS.X.