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YOC Revolutionizes High-Impact Advertising With Its In-House Artificial Intelligence Solution VIS.X® AI

VIS.X® AI Sets New Standards for Optimizing Digital Branding Campaigns 

Berlin, December 11, 2023 – YOC AG (Frankfurt, Prime Standard, ISIN: DE 0005932735), a leading ad tech company, propels the evolution of High-Impact Advertising with the introduction of VIS.X® AI. VIS.X® AI is the latest innovative platform module of VIS.X®, the proven technology platform for High-Impact Advertising at Scale. 

VIS.X® AI is at the core of YOC’s mission to create an outstanding advertising experience for advertisers, publishers, and users. Through extensive machine learning algorithms, the innovative technology optimizes the trading performance of ad formats traded on the VIS.X® platform according to the campaign objectives of YOC’s Fortune 500 clients. VIS.X® AI identifies the optimal combination of YOC ad formats, websites, placement within a website or application, and display options in real-time. Advertisers benefit from VIS.X® AI with significantly improved results in their digital advertising campaigns. Simultaneously, VIS.X® AI opens up attractive potentials for publishers for optimized monetization of their inventory. 

The significant performance improvement achievable through VIS.X® AI is particularly evident in combination with the YOC Universal Video Ad. The artificial intelligence optimizes the delivery of diverse and appealing video creatives by selecting YOC ad formats that achieve the best performance in combination with all available ad spaces. VIS.X® AI develops algorithms based on patterns identified during the campaign, making decisions that lead to a self-improving, effective campaign delivery. 

This successful combination of platform technology and product portfolio enables a flexible and scalable solution, achieving significantly improved results for our advertising clients. 

“Since the introduction of VIS.X® AI at the beginning of the third quarter of 2023, YOC has already implemented more than a hundred campaigns and deals,” explains Jan Gräwen, Chief Commercial Officer at YOC. “The target variables to be optimized, such as the Video-Completion Rate (VTR), were increased by an average of 20%-30% through the use of VIS.X® AI, with even significantly higher uplifts achieved in some cases. Positive feedback from the market confirms that artificial intelligence opens up significant potential for the overall development of our product offering.” 

The next major milestone: “In the coming year, VIS.X® AI will continue to play a central role in YOC’s ongoing platform innovation, contributing sustainably to the achievement of our growth goals and further scaling the business model,” reports Dirk Kraus, CEO of YOC AG. He particularly emphasizes the innovative approach in the area of CPE Pricing (Cost Per Creative Engagement) and performance optimization concerning engagement data, setting new standards for customer-centric, sophisticated brand advertising. 

Further insights into YOC’s impressive journey and CEO Dirk Kraus’s personal perspectives can be found in an exclusive interview with HORIZONT. 

About YOC 

YOC is a technology company that develops software for the digital advertising market. With the help of our programmatic commerce platform VIS.X® we enable an optimal advertising experience for advertisers, publishers, and users of the internet and apps. Advertisers get the opportunity to increase their brand awareness in combination with premium advertising inventory by using VIS.X® and YOC’s attention-grabbing advertising formats. Renowned premium publishers offer global media reach and benefit from the high monetization of our VIS.X® platform. As a pioneer of mobile advertising, the company has been on the market since 2001 and has been listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2009. 


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