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YOC Live Poll Ad

Your opinion counts! Do you want to encourage the user to interact in a creative way? The YOC Live Poll Ad actively involves users in the ad experience through live voting. At the beginning a question is asked which can be answered through a "branded slider". Afterwards the result of the live voting is revealed in real time. Further information on products, promotions or events can be displayed here. The YOC Live Poll Ad offers commitment in combination with creativity, interactivity and innovation.

YOC Flip Ad

Flip it around! The reactive scrolling technology of the YOC Flip Ad enables dynamic transitions of animations, images and videos based on the user's scrolling behavior. Thereby, different types of creatives can be combined in an attention-grabbing way. Amongst other, the advertising content can also be adapted to the current weather condition. This high level of interactivity attracts the user's attention without disturbing the reading flow. On top of that, the implementation is uncomplicated: the YOC Flip Ad needs only two creatives which are automatically combined to create this high-impact format.

YOC Voice Ad

Talk to me! The YOC Voice Ad integrates the user into the advertising experience in a very personal way. The user can navigate through the ad using voice prompts and dive directly into the advertised product world. The voice-controlled, highly effective ad format thus offers countless user-centered and persuasive possibilities for conveying an advertising message.

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